About Amy Torres

Hi, I’m Amy Torres, the creator of Mystics & Masters, interviews with people who offer us insights into our Divine Nature.

Having conversations with mystics and masters is a natural evolution of a calling from earlier in my life — for a time, I was a creative person in advertising, and interviewed many great copywriters and art directors.

Next, I became a Gestalt psychotherapist, and was blessed to have exalted conversations with people who came to me to stop their emotional suffering.

Eventually, I became an interfaith minister and spiritual counselor.  Again, people opened their hearts and confided in me, this time wanting more than personal development.  They wanted spiritual answers to their human dilemmas.  This led to my writing a column called Ask Amy for Miracles Magazine.

Most of the people who interacted with me emerged liberated (to a greater or lesser degree) from the thoughts that had bound them to misguided attempts at happiness by entering into the depths of their pain.  It was a process of exploration; a psychological and spiritual dig — sometimes called soul archaeology.

Those who were willing to excavate their subconscious were most rewarded.  It was clear to them, and me, that their healing was not just the outcome of psychological techniques but was their willingness to open, with great vulnerability, to the Great Mystery within. This is where Grace enters and shifts human perceptions dramatically. This excavation work is done on all levels: emotional, physical, physiological, mental, psychological, energetically, intuitively … through your viscera, into your cellular structure and beyond 🙂

I call this kind of talking, “the only meaningful conversation.” In fact, this video series used to be called “The Only Meaningful Conversation” until one day it effortlessly morphed into “Mystics & Masters.”

These days, whenever the urge strikes, I arrange a conversation with a mystic or a master and enjoy the Message that comes through.  It’s always loving guidance. What a pleasure to share these interviews with you.  If you’d like to help fund this work, check out the Exclusive Interviews as well.

Thanks for visiting.  If you’d like to contact me, email miracles@amytorresacim.com