Will Johnson

Will Johnson is one of the most fascinating meditation teachers on the planet. I am not exaggerating. You will experience your body in a new way after listening to this interview.

He’s been a mentor and friend of mine for many years, and I am thrilled to share a conversation I had with him which is relevant to A Course in Miracles students, meditators, spiritual seekers, non-dualists, Advaita Vedantists, Sufis, and, frankly, everyone who is intrigued with how the body can be experienced in an exalted way, no matter what your level of health.

Will Johnson is the founder and director of the Institute for Embodiment Training, which combines Western somatic psychotherapy with Eastern meditation practices. The results felt in the body are rare and powerfully transformative. He is also the author of several books, including Breathing Through the Body, The Posture of Meditation and The Spiritual Practices of Rumi.

To hear the fascinating conversation which continued after this interview, browse through Exclusive Interviews.

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